GenX Bold California Red Blend

Dining? Entertaining? Just showing up? Sophisticated but approachable, GenX Red Blend is the most interesting guest at every occasion. Bold and inviting, GenX introduces the perfect balance of subtle complexity and easy drinkability.

Our History


After many years in the wine industry we came upon this wonderful and unique blend of the very sought out 2012 vintage from the region of Paso Robles. The question was, how can we share it with the world?  The first task was to find a name that adequately described both the complexity and the boldness of the blending style of the four varietals. Then, design a label that would ensure it stood out on a shelf. GenX was born. GenX Red Blend much like the generation it is named after stands out as unique and unparalleled.

Born in the most prestigious region known worldwide for its red wine blends, Paso Robles, California, GenX is a wine that cannot wait to be uncorked and welcomed into any wine friendly social setting.    

There are many wines in the world, this is our offering. Please take a moment to relax and enjoy!   

GenX Bold California Red Blend

 Adhering to the unique ability of the Paso Robles region to deliver world-class red blends, we offer this Bordeaux inspired wine. A combination of four varieties, each contributing its own unique character, it is a wine of immense presence. The bouquet is crowded with an array of red and dark berries bound by smoky, spicy oak. The palate is mouthwatering; it reflects all the characters present on the nose with the addition of depth and complexity. The palate can be described as "fleshy" and mouth filling. The Merlot component is the main reason for this with both Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot in supporting roles. The real key to the success of the blend like this lies in the blending process. We utilize an exhaustive series of trials to "fine tune" the percentages to ensure a harmonious and rewarding taste experience. Softer tannins see this wine as appealing across a broad spectrum of wine drinkers from enthusiasts to novices. Enjoy with many different types of food.   

Currently available @ ALL Mariano's locations and other fine retailers. 

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